Sep 16, 2010


Salam & Good Day,

Since its my 1st time blogging, I'll introduce a little bit about myself.

I'm the eldest daughter in my family. I have a wonderful parents and a 2 years younger sister (the one and only sister). I have a loving fiancé and a best friend from college i met (Catdy).

I create this blog is to share my activities with you guys. Just to express my feelings, share my interest with you. You can also give your opinions to share with.

I love arts since childhood but sometimes i don't even have much time to do like i did before. My dreams is to have my own Art Gallery which created by me but it seems to be a long way to get there.

Well, i got to go. There's unfinished business i haven't done yet.. Get back to u soon.. Tata

~Bright Eye~


Catdy Khadijah said...

Salam... Haha... at last...

Bright Eye said...

Waalaikumsalam.. hehe just for fun..

dd dudu said...

hai bright eye ;)

Bright Eye said...

Hello dd dudu.. (^_^)