Oct 3, 2010

Saturday the 2nd October

Yesterday was a very exhausted day but yet it was fun.. Yesterday morning i went to the Store, Sg.Buloh. Its a shopping Mall. i went with my mum, my fiance, my sister and her boyfriend. We went to this tailor for my wedding dress. 2 wedding dress for myself n for my mum n' sis for the wedding ceremony. I have 5 months left to prepare all this. I hope everything will run smoothly.

In the afternoon i went to my fiance's friends open house. 2 places.. later that i went to get my artwork request from my cousin. Its a small business from myself and my friend Catdy. Here's the result below..


 That's my design for my cousin, studying at Uitm Melaka. It was not so bad.. Very simple tho she liked it.

Anyway, i have to end here.. my eyes are totally tired, dont have enough sleep.. Will be back with you guys soon. Good Nite..

~Bright Eye~


shaaiza said...

good job~

Bright Eye said...

Thanx dear

Catdy Khadijah said...

i think... to design a wedding bunting for u... :P