Dec 5, 2010

Out with mum & sis

Yesterday was the 4th December 2010.. i went out with my mum and sis to Alamanda, Putrajaya. Actually its been a while we didn't hang out each other, always busy with work.. We planned to play bowling there but unfortunately it was already booked by some  'company' which not even one is empty.. it was frustrated but what can we do.. i was so excited since the day before. So we get our supper and drop at Parkson for window shopping and also shopping..hehe.

Later that, we drop by at Baskin Robbins.. so yummy.. i should snap before we all ate our ice cream but its because it looks so delicious so the image was like a lil bit messy.. Mine is the bottom one, my sis the top left and my mum the top right (very berry strawberry) like the words..hehe

After we had the delicious, yummy and 'high cost' ice-cream, we drop at this shop which i really forgot the name of it.. i snap a few teddy bears..cute and love it..

So cuddly

Ok, that's all for now.. will update for new post..

~Bright Eye~


Catdy Khadijah said...

i want Baskin... I want baskin!!!

shaaiza said...

yum2 costly ice cream