Jul 4, 2013



Hi readers, how are u..?

Dah bulan Julai ni..minggu depan dh masuk bulan Ramadhan..x sabar rasanya kan..?
Sepanjang 6 bulan ni apa pencapaian readers..? Did u get to reward for urself or for your family yet within the passed 6 motnhs..? I know i did..

Aini bekerja sebagai Assistant in Finance dan part time Glampreneur.. Kerja ni mmg flexible.. Hujung
minggu set appointment dgn client.. Slps jumpa client Aini dating dgn hubby and spend time dgn family.. 

Anyway.. ada FOC TRIP br annouce.. Kat mana plak..?
Well.. its at GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA dear friend..best kan..? Aini pernah pegi sana, mmg seronok dan mmg best. And i'm halfway there.. maybe this trip is for my honeymoon..hehe.

What are you waiting for guys?
Lets be part of GLAMpreneur, build your business with GLAM.. 
WE are the pioneer in social media network marketing.

By being a GLAMpreneur:

  • you will enjoy your first income of RM4500
  • FOC trip to Aussie (everything is fully sponsored)
  • Car fund
  • and many more!

Believe it or not, biar Aini present business proposal dulu..then baru readers decide.

Contact Aini utk appointment: 012-3004324

Lets success together.

With Love,

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