Jan 27, 2014

My Sister's Big Day..


Now is 2014.. yes everyone knows that..hehe.. January almost end and my baby sister is officially a wife to Mr. Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman.. for more than 8 yrs they have been together since study and Alhamdulillah they finally get together.. Let all the pictures say..

Before and After

Malam Nikah 

Bersanding pihak Perempuan

Bersanding Pihak Lelaki

This adorable babies are my sister's grandson..
I repeat GRANDSON.. 
Dah kawin terus dpt cucu tau..hehe


With Love,


Catdy Nur Khadijah™ said...

bju purple tuuu cantekkk....

::EIDA:: said...

eh eh arabian ke en suami dia? hehehhee

Liza Razak said...

sama cantik, sama padan...selamat pengantin baru :)

Noor Aini said...

I like it too

Noor Aini said...

Suami dia org gombak, KL je.. atuk dia org pakistan atau arab gitulah.. so ada ala2 rupa org sana..hehe

Noor Aini said...

Thank you Liza..(^_^)