Sep 12, 2014

Day 1 at Melaka


First and foremost, I want to apologise coz I seldom update my blog due to heavy work.. I'm sorry.. (~_~).. However i will try to keep on update like i use to be before.. I don't mind if i don't have many followers but i know i have many silent readers. 

On the 20th May 2014, was a last minute short vacation with my hubby. Actually that time my hubby had a lil side visit in Melaka. We arrived morning.. i dont remember wha time was it but i remember that time we were so hungry. Haha. We check in Fenix Inn at Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya very close with the city. The hotel is just next to the shopping mall.. you can even just go there by walking.
Enjoy the pictures.. (^_^)

felix inn melaka

Who's behind the curtains?? 

After we checked in, we went out for lunch at the Chicken Rice Ball.. 
It's halal and also JJCM (Jalan-jalan Cari Makan) also have tried their food too.
This is the front view (image from

 Maritime Museum & Naval Museum

Didn't get to do the Titanic style because they don't let the public to enter the top. Hehe

Felt tired standing for hours so we drop by drink fresh coconut

Love the coloring bottles

See the huge pencil?

Beautiful and colorful penarik beca..
Before we went back to the hotel, we had a simple dinner.. Beef burger..hehe

and last but not least..

I found this..
Luckily my hubby didn't see it or else....


That's all for today.. wait for the Day 2..

With Love,
Noor Aini


::EIDA:: said...

HAHAHAHHA i love the quote too! kuikuiukuiii~

Noor Aini said...

@::EIDA:: hehe kannn