Sep 23, 2014

Day 2 at Melaka


This is the 2nd day i'm at Melaka.. Not much of activity though coz my hubby was on work in certain times. Nothing much to say, hope you enjoy the pictures.. (^_^)

A Famosa
It was a very hot sunny day but in the afternoon was rainy..

Before we climb up the stairs.. Take a lil shot at the old building
I didn't count how many stairs i've climbed but my heart beats so fast and less breath..huhu 
 I've reach the top.. feeling breezeeeee

Muzium Budaya/Sultanate Palace

While waiting for the night cruise we ate Roti John for supper at Puteri Erra Roti John
We took the last trip at 11pm.. it was fun seeing the view with so many kinds of colours.

With Love,
Noor Aini

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::EIDA:: said...

lama ida tak balik melaka. hihihi.. nanti ida ade short vacay ke melaka. nak naik cruise jugak lah. 1st timee weiii HHAHHAA

Liza Razak said...

ni yg buat rasa semangat nk holiday kat melaka ni :)

Noor Aini said...

Harus naik.. paling best klau naik waktu malam.. sejuk je

Noor Aini said...

@Liza Razak
Hehe..mmg rs best g melaka..3 hari tak cukup..