Oct 6, 2015

1st time makan di Magnum


Last week Aini sempat g lunch dgn opismate kat IOI citymall Putrajaya. Decided to have it at Mangum Cafe. It was my 1st time i entered there and we decided to eat heavy meal instead of just dessert. So this is what we ordered..

Oops 1st i show you our happy faces before we ordered..hehe

Hehe.. terliur tak.. apa lagi pegilah cuba..
Yang Aini pegi ni di IoI City Mall.. There's one at midvalley tho..

Ok, enjoy your lunch..tata

With Love,


Ayu Rashidi said...

sedap x? xmuak eh?

Ainihalim said...

Yang pasta tu muak sbb dia gaul skali dgn telur masin.. yg mana menu dia ada tulis salted egg jangan la ambik