Mar 6, 2016

My 5th Anniversary

5 years married couple..who else? Ofcoz its me and my beloved hubby..
Eventho we are still the 2 of us..InsyaAllah sooner or later it will be 3 of us.. 
Just keep praying and never give up..
Thank you for giving me ur love more and more..

We've been having a lot of faith.. 
There's sadness and happiness..
And i'm so grateful having a wonderful hubby like you.

Today 6th March is my 5th Anniversary
Didn't go on my 1st honeymoon yet but i'm sure it will be the best honeymoon ever... We've decided to have our 1st honeymoon in Malaysia but donno when.
Maybe a place that is quiet and also with beautiful mother nature..
Any suggestions guys..?

Thanks in advance..

With Love,

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