Nov 30, 2016

I'm officially 31 years old


Hi all.. lat October i'm 31 years old.. yes i'm saying loud and clear..haha.. But i felt like i'm not in 30's at all..wink*

In my office we have this Celebrate someone birthday with a surprise and bought a cake sharing with those who's in the office. But most of the time is like first come first serve coz we don't buy a huge whole cake thing. But that time on my birthday, they don't celebrate with the colleagues.. My 3 friends and i decided to have lunch at Koryo-Won Restaurant IOI citymall. I didn't expect my friend are going to make a birthday surprise for me. After we ate i saw my friend went to the counter so i thought she requested for the bill but unfortunately she asked the waiter to bring out the cake for me. But it ended up the waiter bring a box with a cake inside. They laughed so they opened the box, take out the cake and gave them to me.. They said just assume the cakes has a candle on top of it. So i pretend that there's a candles and i blew it to the invisible candles..haha.

Actually they bought 2 cakes for me.. One is a coffee flavour the one on the picture and the other one is ice-cake from Baskin Robbin..yumyum..

I'm officially 31 yo...

Before my birthday my beloved hubby gave me a Danial Wellington watch for ladies.. Love it so much.. Ooo here's the picture i grab from Mr.Google..

Nice hey..

Well actually there more to tell.. wait for my next story..toodless..

With love,

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